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Corrections Academy

Course Description


The Meceola Tech Corrections Academy, in conjunction with the Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTS), offers practical and technical instruction designed to comprehensively equip participants with the necessary skills and required credentials to qualify for employment as a Corrections Officer. Cadet in the Corrections Academy will engage the curriculum in the classroom as well as in the field.  The curriculum is designed to develop skills and concepts that will equip each cadet for successful entry into a Corrections Officer position.


In addition to the required technical and field specific concepts and skills, the Meceola Tech Corrections Academy is focused on developing integrity, outstanding conduct, superb written and verbal communication skills, professionalism, and competency for all cadets.


The Corrections Academy consists of 160 hours of classroom and lab hours.  The hours of the course are broken into 14 required modules.  All modules are taught by professional that have extensive field experiences and expertise.


Participants will have the opportunity to earn a Corrections Officer State Certification and 12 credit hours from MTC. 100% class attendance is mandatory for completion of the 14 modules offered.

Classes Begin June 5, 2017

Course Syllabus

Program Brochure

Course Modules and Hours:


The Academy consists of the following modules as mandated by the MSCTC:


  • Booking and Intake (8 hours)
  • Correctional Law (16 hours)
  • Cultural Diversity (4 hours)
  • Custody and Security (8 hours)
  • Ethics for Corrections (2 hours)
  • Fire Safety (12 hours)
  • Interpersonal Communications in the Correctional Setting (16 hours)
  • Prisoner Behavior (8 hours)
  • Stress Management (4 hours)
  • Suicide Prevention and Awareness (8 hours)
  • Workplace Harassment (2 hours)